Indoor riding arenas are logical for horse lovers in Montana. They provide a safe shelter to allow you to ride year-round, any time of day. Building a post frame riding arena is completely customizable option from choosing the ventilation, lighting, color, and size. The turnaround time is quick, and they are very affordable. Post frame riding arenas can also accommodate different riding styles and will last for decades.

The versatility of post frame builds means you can provide comfort for your horse and rider. You can add tack rooms, feed storage, tack rooms, even living quarters. You can also add kick walls designed to withstand direct kicks.

Post frame arenas are low-maintenance and easy to clean as they have large entry points. You can also make adjustments or add onto your riding arena after the initial build. Since fewer materials are needed, you can save on money and time. Post frame construction uses materials like wood posts and steel trusses to create the building. It takes less time and effort, and construction delays due to weather are minimal. This is beneficial for those enduring cold Montana winters.

Alpine Custom Builders will work with you every step of the way to ensure your riding arena checks all the boxes for your needs while maintaining your construction budget. We have an experienced team of designers and builders guaranteeing custom quality craftsmanship. No matter what custom riding arena build you imagine, let us help you fast track your dreams into reality.


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