Post-frame construction is a method of building that uses large posts and roof trusses to create a structurally sound building with wide, open interior spaces. Commonly used for agricultural, commercial and barn/livestock buildings because these types of buildings are usually more affordable and can be built more quickly. Because of this, there are quite a few advantages for using post frame construction for your next horse barn.

  1. Quick Timeline

Post frame buildings can be built much quicker than traditional stick-frame construction.  However, you will need to schedule your build in advance.  To schedule your build with Alpine Custom Builders, please contact our office at (406)777-7101.


  1. Design Options

Post frame horse barns have a variety of design options available.  We can build your barn with a variety of color options and customized doors.  Lean-tos are very popular to add onto a horse barn.  Lean-tos provide additional storage on the side(s) of your barn.  This space can be used for equipment, tools, feed and storage.  The can also be built open or closed.


  1. Maintenance

Post frame horse barns are built to withstand Montana’s tough weather patterns.  Metal siding and metal roofs are sturdy and will not require maintenance after severe storms.  Find out more about our warranties on our homepage,


To find out more about post frame horse barn construction here in Western Montana, contact our office at (406)777-7101.

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