There are many styles and types of lean-to structures. Lean-tos are fairly simple structures that are attached to your post frame building.  The roof usually has a singular slope. They may be enclosed or open and create extra storage space from the main building structure.

Why Build A Post-Frame Barn with A Lean-To?

There are many benefits of adding a lean-to to your post-frame building.

Lean-tos are ideal for agricultural and commercial use.  Use a lean-to to protect equipment, tools and feed from Montana’s weather.  We often build a lean-to with a barn, shop or commercial building.

The possibilities are endless with all the style and size options available.

A lean-to is most popular as an addition to a larger post-frame building to use for extra storage. They are great for items that are too large to reside in a building, but you want to be protected from the elements. Open lean-to structures are great for agricultural equipment or even to store hay. These are great options as you have open access to any area of the lean-to. An open lean-to is also an affordable option since there are no actual walls to build.

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