A post-frame building consists of engineered columns (also called “posts”) that are buried in the ground. Post-frame construction uses columns that transfer the roof load into the ground and engineered trusses to give you clear span options on your building design.

Determining what you need out of your post-frame building will help you determine if it is the best construction option for you. Here are some things to consider to help you decide whether a post-frame build is right for you:

What is the purpose of my building?  Am I building for farm, ranch, commercial, residential, or garage/shop?  Alpine Custom Builders specializes in building post frame buildings for these purposes.  We have experience and knowledge that will ensure that your building is strong, long-lasting, and built to your needs and specifications.

How soon do I need my building?  Typically post frame buildings can be built faster than traditional buildings.  Depending on our build schedule and other factors such as permitting etc, we can put your build on our schedule for next spring or summer.

Do I want to finish the interior?  Typically post frame buildings are completed without a finished interior however there are options available.  Talk to our team today about  interior options.

What type of options do you need?  Post frame buildings typically can provide several building options that will enhance the building and support your needs.  Adding a lean-to to a building can provide extra storage space or protection for feed or tools.  Anthony can help make your building come to life with a pre-build drawing.  You can find out more about our build process here.

Alpine Builders specializes in creating quality, custom post-frame buildings. Whether you need a custom hobby shop, garage, storage, agricultural, or equestrian building, we can help you build it. We are experienced builders and will guide you every step of the way to create the custom building of your dreams.

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