How To Avoid Rotting Posts

It is common knowledge that when you bury wooden posts in the ground, eventually, maybe years down the road, the posts can rot away because of moisture in the ground, compromising the quality of your post frame building. Here at Alpine Custom Builders, we do things differently. With over 12 years of experience, we have learned ways to remedy this problem and deliver quality workmanship that will last a lifetime.

First, we dig a hole in the ground for the post. We use high quality, treated Glulam Columns (50 year limited warranty). At the bottom of the hole we place a 5×16 round concrete “cookie” before placing the post on top of it. This avoids the post sinking and settling.  For uplift protection, we use fiberglass rebar and cover and compact with soil, anchoring the post firmly into the ground. For extra protection, we offer post protectors made of plastic to cover the bottom part of the post all the way to ground level so that no part of the wooden post is exposed to dirt. Another option is to bury the post in concrete all the way to ground level.

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