What is Post Frame Building? 
Post Frame uses pressure-treated solid wood posts or laminated columns to support roof
trusses without a concrete footer/foundation or conventional studs of wood or steel.  It
transfers loads to the ground or to a concrete pier and utilizes an interlocking frame that can
handle greater loads than stud-wall construction.

Benefits of Post Frame Building in Montana

Why Choose Post Frame Construction?
Post frame buildings are suitable for building in Montana with fewer load bearing walls and
faster build speed.  Post frame is becoming more and more common in Western Montana.  You
will see post frame barns, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, residential, storage and
garages.  Barns and agricultural buildings are no longer the only post frame buildings that you
will see.

Post Frame Benefits

What Options Does Post Frame Building Have?
Post frame also provides a lot of versatility that you may not have with traditional stud frame
building methods.  The exterior has a variety of doors, color choices, sizes, and styles, while
the interior can be left open for a variety of uses or finished for offices or residential.  Take a
look at our Gallery or our Instagram page to see more of the different types of styles and
buildings Alpine Custom Builders has built throughout Western Montana.

Post Frame Barn Built in Ravalli County

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