Amish craftsmanship has been said to be some of the finest in the country. If a business produces something that is Amish made, it is most likely built with quality and care.

As the founder and owners of Alpine Custom Builders, Mike Petersheim and Anthony Yoder remember their Amish heritage. Though they no longer identify with the religion and lifestyle, they still value the work ethic and morals that they were taught from a young age.

The Amish are also notorious for their barn-raising skills. If a member of their community is in need of a barn, they plan a frolic where as many as 10-50 men (depending on the size of the community) raise a whole barn by the end of that day. In very plain circles, these barns are sometimes built with no electric tools, just hand tools and manpower. This is just their way of life and they are very skilled in it.

At Alpine Builders, we pride ourselves in the skill, quality and minimal time it us to erect a building. What takes some building companies a week to complete, we can complete in days. Give us a try!


Amish Craftsmanship

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